Re-opening and BIG news

We Are Re-opening! 
Starting this Sunday June 28th we will be opening our doors to customers.  We have missed you so much!  
Our open hours for July are 

WED-THURS-FRI 12pm-6pm
We are doing all we can to implement health and safety for our customers and staff during this pandemic 

Everyone in the shop must wear a mask 
Testers have been removed from the displays
Only 3 people in the shop at a time
Please keep 6ft away from other people in the shop 

We are still offering curbside pick up and free shipping on all domestic orders over $50

BIG news from Field Day's owner & creator 

These past few months I've been sheltering in place in the Sierra Foothills of California —Occupied territory of the Nisenan— and fallen completely in love with the peace and beauty of this region.  I've been between Oakland and Nevada City for the past 2.5 years and I've been feeling divided between 2 worlds with no sustainable way to keep my garden tended.  The pandemic has created the opportunity to understand how I can best nurture both my inner space and Field Day.

I'm making moves to relocate to Nevada City full time and I am taking Field Day with me.  It's time to pass the brick and mortar onto the next owner / curator.   Don't fear because this will allow a lot more time for me to design, create and collaborate.  I'm getting back to where I started and scaling down to live a slower, more grounded life.  

This decision did not come easily and I've relied on so many friends for advice, Tarot readings, pros and cons lists, looking at the clouds for signs, flipping coins as well as diving into myself and feeling where the ease lies.  I love the Oakland community so much and I will be coming back regularly to work with our fabric cutter and sewers.  It's been a beautiful 18 years in Oakland and I am so appreciative of the support and growth this vibrant city has shown me.  

I have been focusing on what feels best moving forward and my ideal vision is to have the shop live on, offering independent local goods made by people who are also making their dreams a reality.  It would be amazing for a Field Day fan to take the shop over and carry our line. I want to make this a great opportunity for the right person!  If you feel like this could be your calling or that person is someone you know, please get in touch or pass it along. My secondary choice is to liquidate and close the shop.  

I would truly love to see the shop be reborn with new vigor and bring prosperity to an independent creative.  I would especially love to see the continuation of the rich legacy of Black and Brown businesses thriving in Oakland, and would offer financing or a lower selling cost for a BIPOC person.

Thank you for all your faith, encouragement and continued support over the years. 

With love,

Masks are made from 100% Japanese cotton.  Features a print on one side and solid chambray fabric on the other side. 

Adjustable fit with elastic ear straps and bendable nose wire sewn in to the inside.  Fully reversible to fit your mood and so you can remember which side was touching your face when you take them on & off.   

They come in 2 different color ways and they are made in Oakland.  

“Our job is not to deny the story, but to defy the ending—to rise strong, recognize our story, and rumble with the truth until we get to a place where we think, Yes. This is what happened. And I will choose how the story ends.” -Brené Brown

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