Mutual Aid Sale

20% off for you
20% donated for hand washing stations for homeless communities in Oakland

Flash sale to help fund hand washing stations &
Covid-19 relief for the homeless 

We just added heaps of designs to our sale collection at hefty markdowns. 
4/1-4/4 get an additional 20% off already low sale prices as well as 20% being donated to improve sanitary conditions in our most endangered communities.  Free domestic shipping on orders over $50. 
See our sale collection HERE
Use discount code MUTUALAID for an additional 20% off at check out 

With the shelter in order place in CA almost all public restrooms are closed and our homeless community members do not have access to running water or a place to use the facilities and wash their hands.  

We are offering a double sale on the entire Filed Day sale collection & will also donate towards each purchase to the United Front Against Displacement for mutual benefit.  They have been the most active on the front lines providing masks, hand sanitizer & setting up hand washing stations in homeless encampments.  

with discount code MUTUALAID 

You can also give directly to the go fund me HERE

Homelessness is inherently a public health crisis, and as COVID-19 continues to spread, there is a dire need to insure that people who live on the streets have the necessary resources to protect themselves and others. Homeless people are some of the most vulnerable to infection and without proper support from city and state governments, many are left without the basic means to prevent contamination. Due to these circumstances, we must take it upon ourselves as neighbors, activists, and community members to provide material assistance to the homeless. 

The United Front Against Displacement, a direct action homeless rights advocacy organization composed of housed and unhoused activists, has launched this GoFundMe campaign to support the Wood Street Community during the COVID-19 outbreak. Located in West Oakland, the Wood Street Community is composed of approximately 250+ people who live in RVs, trailers, tents, or other hand made structures. The City of Oakland has failed to provide basic resources such as porto potties, hand washing stations, or dumpsters for the residents of Wood Street. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are no signs of the city offering to provide residents with resources such as masks or hand sanitizer, which have been deemed crucial for preventing the spread of the virus.   
We have 1 employee shipping at a time in our Oakland studio.
  We use 100% post consumer recycled paper packaging and are going to great lengths to keep everything super sanitized.  

We are all in this together!  Stay healthy & hydrated.  

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