Happy Imbolc and the day of the light returning.
 This is the day of Brigid & this is her jumper.  

This Friday,
February 2nd, we'll be welcoming friends Ris Tena and Magick into the shop for Walk-In Tarot Readings and an Art Opening featuring Magick's 'Connections' series. For more information about these mystical ladies check out their bios below.
Ris Tena, founder of Vibelife, specializes in Tarot and Oracle Card reading since 2012 along with skills in natal astrology and often integrates both methods in full sessions.

For more information, visit Vibelife's instagram (instagram.com/vibelife333) or facebook (facebook.com/vibelife333)
The vibelife333.com website is still under construction.
A Filipino native, self-trained Bay Area raised artist, Monica Santos (aka I Art Magick) births a style of her own. From indigenous and tribal art to classical and urban contemporary styles, you can certainly see her influences of the east and west emerge. Self taught painter and graphic designer using a richly dense color pallets of light hues, pastel colors, textures and geometric shapes that blend the styles of classical techniques with splashes of art nouveau and street art.

For more information, visit her Website: http://www.iartmagick.com and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iartmagick/

On Monday February 5th, two lovely herbalists from The Community Medicine Cabinet, Lauren MacDonald and Madalyn Berg will be stopping by the shop for a Pop Up with some of their Emotional Self Care Kits.

These are trying times for many of us and sometimes a little bit of love, encouragement and support from the plant world can help sooth your heart.
For more in-depth information about the kits and their makers Click Here to check out their website. 
Spring is getting closer and we'll be releasing our new SS 18' line on March 20th, the Spring Equinox. We're excited to add a new plus size option to the line called Queen size, as well as new Nervine Print, that will have an accompanying tincture to sooth your tired nervous system. Local Eco-Feminist Fashion Blog Honey and Rogue recently featured a sneak peek of some of our spring line as a 'Look of the Week', modeled by our new Back-End/Wholesale Manager Xela.
Click Here to Check out the Full Feature
We're expanding our shop hours so we can see all of your beautiful faces more often!
Starting this week you can visit the shop:

329 19th St, Oakland, CA
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday Noon-5pm

February can be a hard month for body positivity and self love. Valentine's Day madness can put a huge focus on romantic partnering and self modification in order to find a partner. Sharing your love with partners, friends and family with wonderful, however we need reminders that self-love is also extremely important too. That we are more than enough. That we are powerful, multifaceted, amazing creatures all on our own. We ended January with a once in a lifetime astrological event, reminding us to reach for our dreams with reckless abandon. Let February be a month you cozy up to the best parts of yourself and continue the work of cleaning out the unhealthy cobwebs.


"Our bodies are magical entities--made of the same materials that comprise the vast and mysterious universe. They transcend categorical assertions. All bodies are worthy. All bodies are good. Bodily "imperfection" is a myopic cultural concept used to bridle the limitless possibilities of human existence, of human love. The body is a metaphor for the cosmos." - Virgie Tovar, Many Moons 2018 Vol. 1

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