Fire Relief Fundraiser


Until the end of next week we are raising funds through our online shop.  
Use coupon code FIRERELIEF for 10% off your purchase
& 20% of your entire purchase will be donated to the
North Bay Fire Relief Fund

If you would like to make a donation directly on your own please follow the link below:
Northern California is suffering from one of the worst Fire Seasons on record. The death toll is still rising and countless survivors have been left homeless.

At this time cash donations or donations of essential, non-perishable items are preferred over volunteer action. Non-perishable foods, pet food, packaged underwear, socks, shoes, phone chargers, water, cots, blankets, air mattresses and/or yoga mats (they make decent beds in lieu of anything else), baby bottles and wipes, diapers (both for newborns and adults), and face masks.

For all of our local subscribers here is an active list of cities and drop off locations for donations:
It is an open Google Doc so feel free to add locations from your city if they aren't included.

If you would like to offer up your home as shelter here are two links through Airbnb and the travel website HipCamp:

Here is a current map of the fires 
It's been a heartbreaking week here in the bay. The smoke is a constant reminder of all that was lost and how very fragile we are as humans. You can feel the compassion and thoughtfulness in everyone. It's truly amazing. Communities forming & straightening, strangers coming together to help each other in a time of need. We hope through this great tragedy a new standard of humanity is born. Were all in this together.

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