August First Friday

Fieldday & Friends

329 19th Street in Down Town Oakland CA 

Friday Aug 7th   +++   6pm-10pm

+++Featured Designer+++

Girae Rigira

+++Featured Artist+++

Juli Elin

Live music by Haunted Houses:

Haunted Houses is the music project of Ryan LoPilato with the accompaniment of various friends from around the United States. The lineup for August 7th is Ryan on vocals/guitar/lapsteel/percussion and Brian Ellis on guitar/accordian/violin. You can hear recent demo recordings at Previously released albums, demos and cassettes for sale can be found at



Girae Rigira is an Italian clothing line founded by Germana Bargoni.
Germana digs up and retrieves long-forgotten precious remnants of fabric and cloth that have been resting quietly in abandoned warehouses and old storage rooms for 30 to 50 years.

Her search for precious fabrics leads her through Italy, Europe, and the United States to find miles and miles of textiles waiting to be repurposed into something new and beautiful.

What emerges from Germana’s expeditions, is the ancient story told through texture, brightly colored fabrics, and unique patterns. These stories inspire retro yet timeless fantasies that Germana pieces together by crafting unique items and often, given the preciousness of her collection, turning them into one-of-a-kind rare gems: dresses, shirts, blouses, bowling pants…
Germana crafts unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are sometimes inspired by the decade of fashion the textile was created, or reinvented into a bolder, modern parcel of clothing. Girae Rigira understands the cyclical world of fashion and embraces the ever-turning wheel.


Hailing from the swampy steam of florida, and now a Nevada City Feral Yuba Maiden, Juli creates Collages & sculptures that will make you hungry and want to party. Deemed the Woolen Temptress, she uses fiber arts & weaves random objects to create playful fairy tail pieces. 



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