May Day First Friday Opening with Taylor Jay Collection & (ca)Therin(e) Brooks



Join us for a very special Beltane First Friday opening and celebration.  

329 19th street Oakland Ca 94612


:::Featured Artist:::
Therin Furman Brooks aka Catherine Brooks.  
(ca)Therin(e) has, since childhood, been developing a personal mythology, fascinated by tales passed on through the rise and fall of empires, legends saturated by with the quizzical human talent for mythiciszing the cycles of life. Brooks has built a body of work unrestricted by medium or scale, but rich in anthropological themes reflecting gender spectacle, memory, transcendentalism. While learning what is best in both living life and building it, their more recent works explore deeply emotional and personal themes. Hoping to bring exposure and dialogue to the often invisible nature of gender variance, the woks invite viewers to examine perception of gender and how we experience it both socially and personally.

:::Featured Designer:::
Taylor Jay Collection
"Creating positive lifestyles all while offering versatility in every thread" 
Designed and made in the USA

Tea and good vibes provided by Alexander Friend and the Alexiteric Tea Clinic (Group Page)

Photo booth by Jenn Farmer. Get your portrait taken in our photo booth and get 10% off field day.  

Snacks and wine for all!

Come out and celebrate the holy day of union & fertility. If you would like to know more about Beltane and how to celebrate check out this link

Hope to dance in the streets with all of you!


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