Frist Friday opening at field day & friends

Join Us this First Friday March 6th at field day & friends for our Featured artist and designer opening.      329 19th Street Oakland Ca 6pm-10pm

::: Featured Artist ::: Jamaica Dyer 
Jamaica tells personal stories visually, whether it’s hand-painting comic panels in ink and watercolor or illustrations of dreamscapes and surreal women. Jamaica's work spans from fashion to video game animation, blending self portraiture with nightmares, rebelling against convention and the expected.

::: Featured Designer ::: Theia Grazi Clothing Co.
Amy Wong and Anya Ignatyeva birthed their line In 2011, they met in Fashion school and became fast friends. They both loved clothes, but they both noticed that in the suburbs where they lived, there were lots of beautiful women wearing workout gear on an everyday basis. So, they decided to do something about it. They opened their own clothing company to create a collection that allows women to be comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. 

Tea and good vibes by Alexiteric Tea Clinic (Group Page) 

Photo booth!                                                                                                                                                
Portraits by Jenn Farmer 

Come get your portrait taken and get 15% off all field day 

Shop our curated boutique of all hand made in the USA items. Wine and snacks for your pleasure.


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