Something for your Sweet Heart this Valentine's Day

The Story of Valentine's Day is truly bitter-sweet

As legend has it, in the dusty, dreary days of the Holy Roman Empire, soldiers were not allowed to wed. Believing in the light of love above all else, one man, Saint Valentine, went against the wishes of the church and performed wedding ceremonies for lovers whose wish was to remain locked in love for life. Most unfortunately, Saint Valentine's dangerous deeds did not go un-noticed, and he was jailed by Aurelius, and sentenced to death. During his imprisonment, the sweet old Saint Valentine developed a kind relation with Aurelius young daughter, and eventually healed her of an inflicting disease. Just before he was to be be-headed for being so bold, he wrote a last letter to the sweet, young daughter, signing off in pen at the end, "Your Valentine."

To this day, because of this story and this remarkable saint of sultry & sweet, we give cards and gifts to our loved ones to show them that we care.
One way to share our own love and care is to give a handmade artisan gift or a unique handmade gift, as the first Valentines were made with love, from the heart. 
At Field Day & Friends, we celebrate loving all the time, but especially this time of year, we love to share with family and friends, our amazing collection of unique handmade gifts.

We've chosen a few of our favorites to make shopping for your honey even smoother! Here's an easy list, so don't lose your head ;) 

>>>Unique Handmade Gifts for Guys & Gals<<<

Sunbeam Candles: A Gift of Love Candle
((these lovely candles burn for over 60 hours))

Juniper Ridge: Yuba River Cabin Spray
((give the gift of the scent of adventure))

Field Day Wearables: Unisex Hoodie
((with a sun in the hood to keep your head warm & an anatomical heart on your sleeve))
Lovers Lane: Honey
((mellifluous goods made in Ukiah))

Homestead Apothecary: Open Hearted Tincture
((an adaptogen for your heart & soul))

Meg Adamson: Lunar Calendars, 2015
((chart the movements of our lunar love))

Molly Muriel: Massage & Bath Oil, Vim & Vigor Circulation Blend
((cinnamon & cayenne add a bit of heat & sensuality))

These unique handmade gifts would be perfect for any girlfriend, guyfriend, or good friend in your life. Of course, there is so much more to be found in the way of handmade valentines gifts over here at Field Day & Friends, like one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry, handmade dresses & clothing & funkadelicly fantastic artwork.

Don't forget to treat your sweet to something nice this Valentines day! 

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