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First Friday Opening at field day and friends

Posted on 01 August 2014

AUG 01 6pm-10pm
329 19th Street Oakland CA
Join us for our 1st Friday opening field day & Friends

::::Featured Artist::::
Poke Ster---
Was born under a wandering star. Recently relocated to New Orleans from the woods of northern California, She finds inspiration in the diverse ecosystems of the places she finds herself. Pokey tells stories through plant allegory, with influences from Dore to Pushead. Perhaps a mycologist may derive a completely different narrative than that of a dishwasher, a medicinal herbalist may see something more or less than a musician, but hopefully all may draw a common thread, or a spark of inspiration, which brings us together as the multifaceted beings we are.

::::Featured Designer::::
Nica Celly
Nicacelly was founded in 2001 by Nicole Markoff as an experiment in sustainability through the action of design and craftsmanship, with an emphasis on a streetwear aesthetic with a Southeast Asian kick. She produced one of a kind garments under the Remix Project, and sustainably progressive goods under the Nicacelly Collection. Her new projects include Sense of Place, featuring natural wildcrafted color and organic fibers, Kapezia, with fibers and silhouettes based on movement, and The Wear Withall dress series, focused on utility and finer fabrics.

:::Featured Photographer:::
Airy Blue Luna Waters
Get your photo taken in our photo booth and get 10% off any field day wearable.

Big time talent going on for this one folks. Come on down and prepare to be inspired.

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