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May First Friday Opening with Chrystie Cappelli & Rachel Lyra Hospodar

Posted on 27 April 2014

Join us First Friday May 2nd from 6pm-9:30pm for our featured artist and designer opening.

329 19th Street


**** Chrystie Cappelli
In 1998 Cheystie received her BFA in Sculpture from CCA(C). Enamored with the ancient techniques taught in the Textile department. It was then she began to develop her unique finely woven and patina metal. Continuing to weave, but still eager to learn how to build, Cappelli found a job as a metal fabricator at a custom architectural metal shop in Oakland. Drawn to the mystery and worn soul of old objects, Cappelli began to appropriate treasure-hunted pieces, in combination with her woven patina metal, and began making jewelry, accessories, and wearable art. Not limited to the body, she also produces decorative and conceptual fine art and furniture.

**** Rachel Lyra Hospodar for Medium Reality
Medium Reality is a garment re-manufacturer based in Oakland. Designer Rachel Lyra Hospodar reclaims vintage clothes, performing fabric magic to bring them forward for a whole new future. The company is a concept studio, a fashion design house, a custom costumery, a wholesale manufactory... a reclamation station in epic proportions. MR is working hard to make it easy for people to be eco but stay urban.

**** Hanna Quevedo
Come dressed up or let us dress you to have your photo taken in our venetian plaster portrait studio. It's free and if you get your portrait taken in field day you will receive 10% off any field day purchase.

We have a bunch of new hand made artisans in the shop that I hope you love as much as I do. Come by drink some wine, eat some snacks and have a fine time with us.

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