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  • Night Vision Dream Spray

Forest & Fields

Night Vision Dream Spray

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Made by Forest & Fields 

A magical spray that lives by our bed site table.  We spray it before we are ready to drift off in to the dream realm.  Give it a good shake and think about the images, thoughts and adventures you want to see wile you travel into the far reaches of you subconscious.  

Made with a full moon extraction of Brugmansia in sacred spring water.  Essential oils of Mugwort and Clary Sage.  Amethyst crystals inside and Moon Shine to help preserve the deep and calming aroma of this unique and supernatural blend.  

Made with organic and wildcrafted plant materials.  Spray bottles are Made in the USA

Shares the name 'Angel's Trumpet' with another member of the solanancae family.  Their fragrance grows stronger at twilight and lasts throughout the evening.  A powerful dream flower.  Bringing vivid visions and lucid dreams.  Do not take internally as it is toxic and a very strong hallucinogen.
Mugwort  (Artemisia vulgaris) or cronewort
Named after the lunar goddess Artemis and, like the moon, invites us to travel with her from the material world into the magical. Mugwort stimulates the brain's creative centers and is the base of almost all dream pillows.  Mugwort promotes vivid and memorable dreams and to help you access the intuitive guidance that they contain.
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)
This is the quintessential European dream herb is associated with dreamwork, this magic herb is usually thought to be ruled by the Moon but its effect on the mind makes some consider it a Mercury herb. Clary finds great use in creating vivid dreams and aiding in dream recall, especially in terms of divinatory dreams. It is generally helpful in building skills of clairvoyance.
Known for easing communication, allowing for a smooth easy connection with Source energy &  the spiritual realm. It allows us to let go & allow messages to come through our 3rd eye, making communication clear, letting us remember & interpret our dreams. 

Happy dreaming and manifesting!  

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