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Artisans We Carry
Alchemilla – Oakland, CA

Broomchick – Eugene, OR

Bull Horn Designs – Oakland, CA

By Nieves – Oakland, CA

Coven – Oakland, CA

Deconstruction Crafts - Oakland, CA

Flea Market Girl – Woodland Hills, CA

Flossie Fern – Las Vegas, NV

Flying Bird Botanicals – Bellingham, WA

For Strange Women – Kansas City, MO

Fox and the Fawn – Las Vegas, NV

Fox Tale Fanny – Oakland, CA

Francesca Z Designs – Oakland, CA

Glamourpuss Creations – Boston, MA

Green Ring Botanicals – Portland, OR – San Francisco, CA

Jeja Sjoblom – Oakland, CA

Juniper Ridge – Oakland, CA

Katia Ten – Oakland, CA

KB Creations - Oakland, CA

L Webb - Arcata, CA

La Abeja Herbs – New Mexico

Laughing Candles – Big Sur, CA

Lovers Lane Farm – Mendocino, CA

Luna Sol – Portland, OR

Meg A Myers  -  Sacramento, CA

Meg Adamson – Portland, OR

Mishakaudi Jewelry – Spokane Valley, WA

Molly Muriel – Portland, OR

Mystic Moon – Oakland, CA

Pollen Arts – Flagstaff, AZ

Sequoia Beauty -  Northern California

Serpent & Bow – Providence, RI

Sister Spinster – Oakland, CA

Sunbeam Candles – Ithaca, NY

Tangleweeds – Oakland, CA

The Bower Studio – Boston, NY

Thousand Pound Heart – San Francisco, CA

Tilt Adornments – San Francisco, CA

Tiny Assembly - Oakland, CA

TS I Love You – Oakland, CA

Tuff Shit – Oakland, CA

While Odin Sleeps – Austin, TX

Worts and Cunning – Long Beach, CA

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