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  • Wrap Dress in Oranges
  • Wrap Dress in Oranges
  • Wrap Dress in Oranges
  • Wrap Dress in Oranges

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Wrap Dress in Oranges

$40.00  $83.00



Wrap Dress in Oranges 

The Wrap Dress is truly adjustable to fit you perfectly. One of our "fits everyone" dresses.  It's all in the shimmy when securing the straps. Follow the link below to see a video of our lovely Kelli showing you how to shimmy and tie.

With a wrap around in the back and tie in the front we cant think of a more flattering fit. Made in a limited batch out of 100% cotton novelty print with oranges and vines.  The dress hangs just above the knee and has great flow when you walk. Big side pockets (of course) for all the treasure you might find on your field day. Dress it with some up with some earrings, and heels for formal occasions, or wear it with some sandals and a sun hat for a trip to the lake.

Chest High waist Hips
S 32-36” 24”-28” 32”-36”
M 36-38” 28”-32” 34”-40”
L 38-40” 30”-36” 38”-44”
XL 40-44” 32”-42" 40”-48”

Wash Cold, tumble or line dry.  All field day wearables are made in Oakland CA

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