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  • Many Moons Lunar Planner 2019
  • Many Moons Lunar Planner 2019
  • Many Moons Lunar Planner 2019
  • Many Moons Lunar Planner 2019

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Many Moons Lunar Planner 2019

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This unique planner follows the Gregorian calendar year for 2019, with all magic holidays, observed holidays & bank holidays for the USA (Northern Hemisphere). The Many Moons Lunar Planner also has every Moon phase and sign the Moon is in for 2019, with month and week views.

Within the planner there is ample space to write, and along the way there are gentle reminders of activities according to each Moon phase.

Similar to the Many Moons Workbooks, the author and editor, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, is joined by a wonderfully diverse collective of experienced practitioners of various modalities. Features 13 different witches, Tarot readers, astrologers, and herbalists to write an exclusive piece on how to harness the energy of each Full Moon. Each Full Moon comes with a custom spell, Tarot pull, ritual, or journaling exercise. The contributors are: Jessyka Winston of Haus of Hoodoo, Elise of La Mystica Tarot, Brandie of Magic Hour Astrology, Asali Earthwork, Dori Midnight, Rebekah Erev, Alejandra of Lioness Oracle, Lise Gomez of Sacred Knots, Paulette of Bad Mamma Jamma, naimonu james, Rashunda Tremble of Stay Woke, Milla Prince of Fireweed and Nettle, and Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

- The planner is 7” x 9”, spiral bound, with a beautiful and unique holographic cover.
- approximately 212 pages, black and white printing on the interior.
-This planner is self-published locally in California.

Photo taken by @juju_pgh

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