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Hill Lily, issue iv: Hunters Moon

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The Farmer’s Almanac refers to the full moon in October as the Hunter’s Moon, as fall in North America has been a time of hunting game to store through the winter. The themes of the Hunter’s Moon issue are considering our ancestors, awe of death, and hunting and harvesting the resources we need to fortify ourselves in darker, scarcer times. The thinning of the veil between worlds (of living and dead, of old self and emerging self, of lover and beloved, of human and Nature) is a time when borders begin to shimmer and dissipate.

This issue contains incredible recipes - elderberry gummies, hearth bread, and a soothing topical for clogged milk ducts that doubles as a house paint, to name just a few - along with stories, poems, and images that get down to the bone of good living. One woman tells a tale of following the example of buffalo and whale by living by her ‘deep map,’ which takes her taming horses, through fires, and to a threshold where she uncovers her deep name. This issue is fat as a gourd with nearly sixty pages of future-grandma wisdom.

paper booklet size: 8" x 6"

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