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  • Nervine Elixir

Milla Prince

Nervine Elixir

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This magical collaboration with herbalist and plant witch Milla Prince is the medicinal counterpart to our Nervine Print dresses.  

This 1oz elixir contains Organic vodka, Honey, Well water, Skullcap, Lemon Balm, California Poppy, & Passion Flower, herbal allies that are illustrated in our nervine print for our medicine dresses. Plus the essence of scotch broom & plum blossom.   Made to sooth and support an overworked nervous system as well as calm a nervous mind and body.  


Here are some inspiring words about the elixir from Milla herself:

"I’m not alone in the sense that it is hard to cope with the day-to-day demands of our existence. As human animals we haven’t really evolved to live a life this fast-paced, this complex. We are resilient, so we cope, but the strain can often feel too much.
Plants offer tools to ease that strain, but sometimes in the herbal world it can feel like we speak only of human-centric healing, of healing without connection. And yet all plant medicine offers that too-the subtle realms beyond constituents, beyond logic and legitimacy, & coping with pressure.
They instruct us, remind us how to:
-Acknowledge our pain, and not treat it as something to overcome. To acknowledge our sensitivity and not treat it as weakness.
-Take a break and step out of linear time for moment, to tend to our sensing & sensual animal bodies.
-Tend to ourselves so that we can tend to others, to our children, our elders, non-human relatives,to land.
-Stay grounded even when we’re flying through the air, or working 10 floors up, and to stay connected trough floors, shoes, speeding cars.
-Reconnect with that which feeds us all. Even when they’re in cup or a bottle, plants invite us to land connection.
-Remember that healing is possible, for ourselves, but also each other, and even this broken paradigm."

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